RIGHT HUB creates business opportunities for social cooperatives, promotes "Social Procurement", designs "Supplier Diversity" programs and builds projects with Convenzione art.14 D.lgs. 276/2003 (art.22 in Emilia-Romagna).

To ensure its customers full reliability and professionalism of social cooperatives, RIGHT HUB has introduced the "VERIFIED SELLER" process.

The VERIFIED SELLER process includes an ad-hoc procedure for the evaluation and qualification of social cooperatives "B" and "A+B", it is subject to the annual evaluation of the certification body TÜV NORD Italia. It aims to enhance virtuous social cooperatives throughout the Italian territory and it ensures companies to buy goods and services from serious and professional suppliers, which adopt effective processes of employment inclusion of fragile and disadvantaged people.

Right Hub sends the "Verified Seller Qualification Form“ to the social cooperative requesting its compilation.

Right Hub verifies the completeness of the data, documents and information provided, and plans an ad-hoc meeting with the social cooperative.

Right Hub assigns a score to the social cooperative and releases the “Verified Seller” attribute.
From that moment Right Hub can involve the social cooperative in business opportunities: “Social Procurement” and “Supplier Diversity” programs, in projects with Convenzione Art.14.

Right Hub requires the customer, which buys from the social cooperative "Verified Seller", the level of satisfaction about its work and the service or goods provided.

Right Hub stores the documents for the annual evaluation of the certification body. The "Verified Seller" evaluation process repeats every 12/24 months.

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