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Sustainable and Responsible Management of events, locations, organizers and suppliers

A sustainable event is "one designed, organised and implemented in a way that minimises potential negative impacts and leaves a beneficial legacy for the host community and all involved".

(United Nations Environment Programme - UNEP 2009)

Right Hub has a wide strong experience and unique know-how in the design, implementation, development, improvement and reporting of environmental and social impact initiatives for sustainable and responsible events management. Events, locations, organizers and suppliers can achieve the ISO 20121 certification. Right Hub operates at national and worldwide scale.

Your sustainable event: Right Hub can help you

Sustainable Management System and ISO 20121 Certification

We are able to build both ad-hoc "frameworks" for sustainable event management and to support organizations in obtaining event certification according to the international standard ISO 20121 – Event Sustainable Management, the standard that defines the sustainable management and organization of events of any nature.

Ad-hoc activities to integrate and implement sustainability

We design and realise activities and ad-hoc initiatives in order to improve the environment and social impact connected to the world of events.
We support all the main event stakeholders: promoters, organizers, locations, sponsors and partners, suppliers of goods and services.

Motorsport Events Sustainable Management

We support all stakeholders in the sector in sustainable development projects and ISO 20121 certification, the international standard that specifies the requirements for the sustainable management of events, circuits, venues, organizers, teams and suppliers covering all three dimensions of sustainability: environmental, social and economic.

We are member of BlackBook Motorsport, the international business community of the motorsport industry.

We plan interventions and initiatives to certify the sustainable management system of events, organizations, locations and circuits.

Per rafforzare le sue competenza ed il suo know-how, come anche per condividere le proprie esperienze a livello internazionale, RIGHT HUB è associata all’organizzazione SEA - Sustainable Event Alliance e all’organizzazione SANDSI - Sport & Sustainability International in qualità di Founding Member, entrambe nate per favorire la diffusione di buone pratiche di sostenibilità ambientale, sociale ed etica nel settore degli eventi.

Sustainable Event Alliance Sport and Sustainability International