• Sustainable Events

    Sustainable Management in Motorsport

    A good practices collection in Motorsport from 1994 to 2021

  • Sustainable Events

    Racing towards a Sustainable Future

    A review of the sustainability performance of international racing circuits

  • Sustainable Events

    PEC Franciacorta

    The largest Porsche Experience Center in the world and the most sustainable with ISO 20121!

  • Sustainable Events

    Sustainability in Motorsport

     Achievements, experiences, plans and practices.

  • Sustainable Procurement

    Survey on the level of adoption of ISO 20400 by companies in Italy

About us

RIGHT HUB, Right Business,
Right World.

RIGHT HUB is an initiative designed to promote environmental, social, ethical and economic sustainability in business processes and to support the growth of the Social Economy in Italy (social co-operatives and social enterprises).

RIGHT HUB Right Business, Right World is not simply a claim. For us it means fostering a real win-win approach, both among not-for-profit and for-profit organizations, and between the community and the enterprises, promoting a way of doing responsible and sustainable business.

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