Sport and Sustainability, a mandatory combination (…in golf too)

5 November 2020 – Luca Guzzabocca interviewed by Golf Italia talks about the combination of Sport and Sustainability

We are very happy and honored to be within the prestigious magazine GOLF ITALIA ( HOUSE OF ITALIAN GOLF official magazine ) directed by the well known Italian journalist Massimo De Luca, who kindly hosted our contribution in the October-November issue.

With this contribution we have tried to put the theme of sustainable development and the importance of raising awareness on the issues of the environmental and social impact of sports activities to the sports and golf sector.

As Guido Barilla, entrepreneur and golfer, says during the interview posted in the magazine: "Sustainability is a topic that can no longer be avoided. In the lives of people, companies and, of course, also golf clubs. Sustainability has a cost, not indifferent. That is, if a company like ours, in the food sector, favours quality, it manages to keep the economic cost in balance and, then, can afford the investments to adopt procedures that protect sustainability. So, with the necessary differences, it is for a Golf Club. If the accounts are in place, we can support the commitment, including economic commitment, that sustainability requires. But you certainly can't ignore the problem anymore."

Finally golf has a great opportunity to contribute too!

We leave to you reading the article, remaining available for any further comparison with golfers, golf clubs and all the stakeholders involved (technical partners, suppliers, sponsors, local community, etc.)

If you like to read our article (Italian only) click here

If you like to read the full magazine (Italian only): golfitalia.com

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