My reflection on "DIVERSITY" in Italy

12 June 2020 – "Why do companies in Italy not engage in the one applied to suppliers? In the USA and UK have been doing this for more than a decade and it works!" Luca Guzzabocca, General Manager Right Hub.

Many companies in Italy, specially multinationals and large companies, have implemented or are implementing programs and initiatives of "diversity" related to human resources (often, even these days, we notice the "rainbow" in the most well-known brands on the market), unfortunately it is very rare to see serious and concrete programs of diversity in their suppliers portfolio (as I see from the public information available).

Paradoxically, the branches of American and UK companies in Italy, which already have this approach in their corporate policy, are also struggling to put it into practice.

Of course, in Italy there is no obligation, such as in the USA, but the coherence of a company should lead to a virtuous choice anyway.
Of course, there are potential conflicts in the decisions of purchasing goods and services for the existence of supply contracts with strategic, habitual and well established suppliers. Of course, buyers have the primary objective of reducing costs and it is difficult to concentrate on anything else.

Why does not also engage the supply chain? Why does diversity seem to be just the area of the company's human resources?

The diversity in Italy , that RIGHT HUB has been dealing with since 2015, is that linked to the purchase by social cooperatives that include fragile and disadvantaged people into the world of work.

In most cases these organizations, which are by "not for profit" statute, are small and are territorial, so they can meet local and not large needs, however they can generate an important and significant social impact.

So it is a matter of combining two business areas with a positive common outcome, because we act in a "diverse" way on purchases and act on the "diverse" human resources, of course they are external to the company but always "different" also.

I leave this brief reflection to those who understand more than me about "diversity", hoping that apart from the Englishness that is often abused, the approach also applies outside the company in the supply chain where diversity can be just as much a "Value" that enriches the client enterprise.

For those who want to know more about how and why to buy from the social economy can download our e-book for free at links: https://www.righthub.it/guida-social-procurement/

For those who want to understand how RIGHT HUB designs and implements social procurement and supplier diversity programs: https://www.righthub.it/it/i-nostri-servizi/social-procurement-e-supplier-diversity

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