Pope Francis appeals for Laudato Si’ Year

25 May 2020 – A whole special year of reflection and initiatives on the care of creation.

Five years ago, Pope Francis signed a document, the encyclical “ Laudato Si' ”, which represented a major step forward in the Church’s Social Doctrine and is a road map for building more just societies that are capable of safeguarding human life and all Creation.

Pope Francis wanted to renew and reinforce the message of the encyclical by announcing a whole special year of reflection and initiatives on the care of creation.

RIGHT HUB, founded in 2015, immediately seized on the Holy Father's invitation by including the key contents of the " Laudato Si' " among the primary references used to support businesses and non-profit organizations to structure a responsible and sustainable way of managing purchases and supplies.

In fact, RIGHT HUB has integrated, both in the training plan and in the consultancy proposal, the references contained to the encyclical declining them in the concreteness of purchasing management and business processes. Today, even more than 2015, we are always convinced that sustainable development is the only way for businesses and non-profits to take it.

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