COVID 19, supply chain and suppliers: what’s next?

4 may 2020 - After the COVID19 emergency, from today with the gradual re-opening of production and commercial activities in Italy, certainly most companies and those who manage the supply chain and purchasing function will understandably have to put in place and/or strengthen the following important initiatives:

  • Reconsider the supply chain model as a whole;
  • Evaluate alternative supplier, perform ABC analysis of suppliers
  • Avoid excessive concentrations on specific suppliers and localizations;
  • Get to know the suppliers also from an economic and financial point of view;
  • Design partnership and protection systems for strategic and smaller suppliers

However in this time, it will be very appropriate and necessary to consider the environmental, social and ethical impacts of these actions to start a new management of purchases and supply chain, and a new relationship with suppliers, always seeking balance with the economic sustainability.

To do this, well and quickly, competence, experience and know-how are indispensable and they cannot be invent, so Right Hub is the right partner to help you in that change.

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