The movement "Compagnia della Buona Impresa" is born

13 December 2021 – The path of good entrepreneurs started from Verona

On November 27th in Verona, the movement "Compagnia della Buona Impresa" was founded. It is promoted by the Associazione San Giuseppe Imprenditore, of which Right Hub with Luca Guzzabocca is a founding member.

It is an initiative to which all men and women entrepreneurs can freely join and which is proposed as a personal and collective response to the words expressed by Pope Francis in his meeting with the world of work at the Ilva plant on May 27, 2017: "the entrepreneur is a fundamental figure of any good economy: there is no good economy without a good entrepreneur. There is no good economy without good entrepreneurs, without your ability to create, create work, create products."

For more information check out the official website by clicking here.


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