Sustainable Event Management Standard ISO 20121

22 March 2021 – Don’t miss the “momentum”. Come back stronger and more sustainable than ever!

We are pretty sure that your stakeholders are even more concerned about the environment than they were pre-pandemic. Are you ready to meet their expectations?

The global pandemic has stopped any events and audience participation over the world since early 2020. Many events have been cancelled, postponed or they have been organized behind closed doors or very few of them with a limited number of attendees.
Unfortunately that implied a massive negative impact on workers life, community development and organizations businesses.

However Right Hub have been experiencing over the last 8 months a growing interest in sustainable management projects from events organizers, hosting locations as well as from suppliers of goods and services for events, why does that happen?

Actually it might appear paradoxical, but the reduction of workload during that critical time (therefore a greater and better focus on other issues than ordinary ones) and the awareness growth for sustainable development (SDGs UN, emission reduction target, EU green deal etc. ) are the boost for organizers, locations and suppliers to become much more willing to consider ISO 20121 (Sustainable Event Management Standard) projects with the aim to properly set up a great re-start just after the pandemic. Are you (events organizers, venues, suppliers) in line with that approach? Would you learn about how you can benefit from sustainable events management projects?

We may work on a very wide scope for your sustainable management system, for instance it can be applied to:

  • Events and organizers: music concerts, company meetings, public and private conferences, sport, business events, exhibitions, political rallies, tv shows, tours, etc.
  • Venues: theatres, museums, stadia, arenas, sport halls, racetracks, congress and exhibition centers, hotels and resorts, etc.
  • Suppliers of goods and services: catering services, audio and visual services, security services, cleaning services, communication agencies, hostesses and stewards agencies, stand fitters, print jobs, furniture, etc.

Right Hub is able to support (remotely and on-site) any organizations, locations, suppliers to design and execute a sustainable management system according to ISO 20121 standard. Our team of experts can operate over Europe and in the rest of the world too. Have a look at our past projects and current projects pipeline (link)

For a direct contact with Right Hub experts, do not hesitate to contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.iso 20121


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