Sustainability & Motorsport - Part 5

15 March 2021 – Inclusion and diversity matter!

In 2020 thanks to “Black Lives Matter” movement in USA, the issue of diversity came to the front stage in the world and in the motorsport too.

The well known rider Lewis Hamilton, 7 times F1 Champion, took the full responsibility to significantly raise the issue inside the F1 organization.

“RaceAsOne” programme has been so launched from the start of the F1 2020 season. The “rainbow”, symbol of diversity movements, appeared everywhere!

That was definitely the most visible initiative happened but it is not the only one.

Sustainable management not only means to care about environmental impact, but widely care about social impact too.

Therefore here below in our sixth episode of our contribution to raise awareness about sustainability initiatives in motorsport sector, we would like to show off what has been happening about that topic during the course of the last two decades.

Note: this episode does not include “disability” because it will be properly dealt in the next episode.

2004: NASCAR Diversity & Inclusion strives to create an inclusive environment in all facets of the NASCAR industry recognizing the value of diversity, which allows us to go faster and farther in our workplaces, at the race track and in the stands.
The “Drive for Diversity” program has been successful in creating meaningful opportunities for minority and female competitors. The program has seen continuous growth since its inception in 2004. Drive for Diversity drivers compete in nearly 50 events at NASCAR Home Tracks across the country each year.

2006: Created in 2006, the FIM Women in Motorcycling Commission, is an active and engaged advocate for women in motorcycling. Its mission is clear: increase the participation of women in all activities and at all levels. To do so the Commission develops projects to remove barriers and explores opportunities for more women to be part of motorcycling. It establishes and maintains strong relationships with all stakeholders and external partners to facilitate the active involvement of women at all levels.

The Vision of the commission: “talent to come first” meaning to choose the persons not because of their gender but because of their capabilities and abilities. To a certain extent, it means that women would naturally be part of motorcycling and no specific efforts or promotion would be needed. "Talent to come first" is a slogan or baseline for the commission to underline that promotion, education and communication are key and that more education, training and tuition are required to have more talents. Having more women at leadership positions as well as within volunteers and officials is crucial.

2009: The FIA Women in Motorsport Commission was created in 2009 in order to:

  • Demonstrate that women are recognised by the highest body responsible for motor sport.
  • Show that motorsport is open to women in all of its aspects, whether as competitors, officials, team managers, engineers, mechanics, etc.
  • Promote the place of women in motorsport through media, international events, partners and stakeholders.
  • Develop social and educational programmes, in order to encourage greater participation of women in motorsport.
  • Make young women (drivers, officials, professionals, customers) aware of road safety issues.


2015: The “Mazda Women in Motorsport” project, established in conjunction with Keiko Ihara, female racer and leading expert member of the FIA’s Women in Motorsport Commission begun in april 2015 with the recruitment for women to participate in the initiative.

This project, was established by Mazda, which took to heart the FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) and JAF (Japan Automobile Federation) desire to increase the “participation of women in motorsports” and, in cooperation with Keiko Ihara, FIA Women in Motorsports Committee’s Asia representative, has been set out to promote further involvement of women in the world of car racing. Mazda provide vehicles and locations for training and support the race participation of exceptionally talented individuals.
The conditions for application require that the individual be a woman of 18 years or older (regardless of nationality) who holds an ordinary driver’s license (without restrictions) and possesses a strong interest in motorsports. Application is possible even for those without any motorsports experience or a motorsports license. Not only for drivers, it is also possible to apply for mechanic, engineer, or management roles.

2016: "Dare to be different" founded in 2016 by Susie Wolff and Rob Jones, the main objective of the organization is to increase the participation of women in all forms of motor racing regardless of age and background, thus changing the opinions of women in sports sectors where the male figure is dominant. Activities in which women can participate including karting, engineering, fitness, nutrition and diet, pit-stop and tire change. The mission of "Dare To Be Different" is to increase women's participation, not only on the track but in all aspects of sport. In 2019 the FIA in collaboration with Susie Wolff and Dare to be Different decided together to create a new program, "Girls onTrack".

2018: W Series is ground-breaking racing series for women that launched in October 2018. From day one, their ambitions have been big and they'll only get bigger. They are here to shake up the industry, push aside stereotypes and change the face of motorsport, quite literally. W Series race with F1 in 2021 calendar.

2018: The “Girls On Track Karting Challenge”, the FIA European Young Women Programme is launched on 7 March 2018 during the Geneva Motor Show. During the first year the karting slalom events will be promoted to young females between 13 and 18 years at a national level within eight European ASN partner countries. This two year project is based on a cost-effective, arrive and drive karting slalom format : The Girls on Track – Karting Challenge, a new concept currently being developed by the FIA whereby a small tarmac area in a central urban location will be set up with marker cones to create a slalom course.

This format of event, with identical regulations and track layout set up in highly frequented locations, meets those objectives and hopefully hundreds of girls will be inspired to come along and give it a try during these karting slalom weekends. Aside from providing an experience in a kart, the events will also highlight road safety initiatives, open up the work of the FIA, our ASNs and motor sport in general to a new and young audience, and potentially encourage females to get involved in any number of different areas.

The project FIA European Young Women Programme was supported by the European Union through the Erasmus + Programme. The European Union supports sport related projects since 2014 in various areas including societal aspects and gender equality.

2020: The International Automobile Federation (FIA) and its Women in Motorsport Commission launched “FIA Girls on Track - Rising Stars” on June 12 2020. It’s an innovative new project to detect and nurture the up and coming women drivers of the future.

The project has been run in association with Scuderia Ferrari and aims to identify the best 12-16 year old female drivers from around the world and help them towards having a professional career in motor sport.

With support from the FIA Innovation Fund, which backs new projects intended to generate an enduring legacy for the global FIA community, the Women in Motorsport Commission has partnered with Scuderia Ferrari and its world-famous Ferrari Driver Academy (FDA) to jointly develop a strong and long-term pathway to support young women on their motor sport journey. The collaboration sees both parties commit to a four-year programme resulting in two drivers potentially joining the Ferrari Driver Academy for a season in one of the European FIA Formula 4 Championships.

The FIA Girls on Track - Rising Stars programme kicked off in 2020 with a worldwide selection among the FIA’s 145 national sporting authorities, who nominated promising young drivers with national or international racing experience.

Twenty drivers from five continents have been selected and invited to a shoot-out in October hosted by the Winfield Racing School, the iconic and historical racing school based at the Circuit Paul Ricard renowned for being the nursery for most of the well-known drivers from the 70s to the 90s. From here, 12 drivers have been selected to undergo two different karting and Formula 4 focused training camps in October and November, also hosted by Winfield Racing School along with kart partner, Praga.

Just four drivers have been selected to attend a one-week course at the Ferrari Driver Academy. Based in Maranello, Italy, the aim of the Academy is to help shape drivers across different aspects of personal preparation and driving technique, as well as introducing them to the sport’s economic and media world.

Finally the first female driver to join the Ferrari Driver Academy has been selected, she is Maya Weug. Infact the 16 year-old Dutch won the final stage of the “FIA Girls on Track-Rising Stars”.

2020: Formula 1 launches #WeRaceAsOne initiative to fight challenges of COVID-19 and global inequality.

2020: Formula E launches “Positively Charged“ with the intent of fighting systemic racism and prejudice and creating equality of opportunity. Furthermore commemorate the worldwide deaths from COVID-19. The #PositivelyCharged initiative is part of the FIA’s #PurposeDriven movement, which represents motorsport’s commitment to make a positive impact on the world.

2020: Mercedes AMG-Petronas Team launches “Accelerate 25” programme to improve diversity and inclusion within the team.

2020: Lewis Hamilton announced his partnership with the Royal Academy of Engineering to launch The Hamilton Commission, a standalone piece of research that will aim to improve the representation of Black people in UK motorsport.

Even Right Hub is proudly committed in accelerating the diversity adoption, specifically in supply chain practices. With its know-how Right Hub can help any organizations located in Italy, in motorsport too, to build a “suppliers diversity” programme, proposing to procure goods and services from social co-operatives which include fragile and disadvantaged people.

Moreover Right Hub is willing to give any further information and to offer concrete and effective proposals for a better sustainable management of circuits, organizers, promoters, teams, drivers, sponsors and suppliers in the motorsport sector.

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