Sustainability & Motorsport - Part 4

15 February 2021 – How much has been done by organizers and promoters so far?

We know that, in the mind of the common people, motorsport sector is not so close to a sustainable management of its events from environmental and social standpoint. However over the last 10 years much has been done.

Right Hub, as expert of the matter in motorsport sector, would like to give you some great examples across the last decade (…actually even before), that many of you may not know and expect.

Let’s see in this fourth episode what has been specifically done at the date by organizers and promoters of motorsport races and championships.

2008 : Nascar (USA) launched the “Green Nascar” programme, which covers key environmental issues (biofuels , waste management and energy efficiency).

2013 : FIA (Federation Internationale de l’Automobile) launched the “FIA Environmental Accreditation”, its own internal framework to measure and award, in a first period it covered the environmental maturity then also the overall sustainability maturity of circuits, local organizers and promoters, teams, events.

2015 : ABB FIA Formula E Championship achieved the “FIA - Sustainability Accreditation 3 Star Rating”.

2016 : Rally Italia Sardegna, a race of the WRC-World Rally Championship, achieved the “FIA – Progress Towards Excellence – Sustainability”.

2017-2018: WRC-World Rally Championship rounds achieved the “FIA - Sustainability Accreditation 2 or 3 Star Rating”: Rally Australia, Rally Sweden, Rally Wales GB, Rally Finland, Rally de Espana, Rally Mexico, Rally Argentina, Rally Corsica, Rally Germany, Rally Turkey, Rally Chile, Rally Italia Sardegna, Rally of Portugal.

2019 : Formula 1 launched its first ever Sustainability Strategy based on two key targets: “2030 Net Zero Carbon” and “2025 Positive Race Print”.

2020 : Formula 1 World Championship achieved the “FIA - Sustainability Accreditation 3 Star Rating”.

2020 : SRO Motorsport Group, organizer of the GT World Championship, committed to achieve carbon neutral within 2023.

2020 : Rally Monza, a round of the WRC-World Rally Championship 2020, achieved the “FIA - Sustainability Accreditation 3 Star Rating”.

What’s next? In our fifth episode in march we will report inclusion and diversity initiatives in motorsport.

Right Hub is willing for any further information and to offer concrete and effective proposals for a better sustainable management of circuits, organizers, promoters, teams, drivers, sponsors and suppliers in the motorsport sector.


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