"Seller Verified" protocol renewal

12 November 2020 – Successfully renewed the conformity assessment of the "Seller Verified" protocol

Our internal protocol called "SELLER VERIFIED", with which we carry out the evaluation and qualification of social cooperatives of type "A" and "A+B", was yesterday audited by the TUV NORD ITALIA certification body for the annual renewal of the conformity assessment. 

It is with great satisfaction that we inform you that the audit audit has been successfully passed with a fully successful outcome.

RIGHT HUB's “SELLER VERIFIED” protocol, unique in Italy and created to qualify social cooperatives through objective criteria on their seriousness, quality and reliability, is an indispensable tool to be able to offer our customers the security to buy goods and services from social cooperatives qualified for the purposes of their sustainable procurement, social procurement and supplier diversity strategies, and for the adoption of Convenzione art.14 in order to be in compliance with Italian Law 68/99 .

The protocol is based on the strong experience and know-how of our team in the management of purchases and suppliers gained over more than 20 years in different national and multinational realities.

We are strongly convinced that the continuous process of improving the protocol, which with the renewal is further strengthened, we can:

  • continue to fully ensure the satisfaction of our customers,
  • enrich the level of quality and solidity of our consulting service for companies,
  • support the business growth of the third sector (not for profit organisations) and in particular the social cooperatives.

For more information on the "SELLER VERIFIED" protocol and our activities you can contact us on 0362 238835 or write to us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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